The Four Corners' Staff Room

Introducing the people who are collaborating in the Four Corners' classroom.

Elizabeth O'Hagan -
Hi there. I am a secondary school teacher in Auckland, New Zealand. I teach Geography and Social Studies at Aorere College. I have a passion for making learning real for students. I am looking foward to extending the four corners of our class room to the four corners of the globe, connecting students with students and connecting teachers with teachers.

Gail Casey -
Hi, I am a secondary teacher from Geelong High School, Victoria - Australia, but teaching ESL in South Korea during 2007 at Uijegail_podomatic_2007-09-10T20_36_28-07_00.jpgongbu Science High School. This is a specialist school for 16 and 17 year olds that enter University one year early due to their talents in Maths and Science. I am new to Wikis and look forward to working and learning with other teachers and classes. My Uijeongbu Class blog has been an exciting and rewarding experience for me as an Educator.

Manny da Luz

Hi everyone, I'm a middle school teacher at Deer Park P.S. in Toronto, Canada. I have been teaching for about 10 years and have taught a variety of n567982201_50237_9264.jpggrades and subjects. Last year I was on sabbatical and had the good fortune of traveling to a few places around the world, affording my family and I the opportunity to explore new places and meet many new people. I'm excited as to how we as educators are moving towards technology in education ... just hope that I can keep up.

Marco Garcias**

Hi guys!me.jpg
I' m a high school teacher at Padre Alberto Neto high school, in Queluz (Lisbon), Portugal. It's my 3rd year as a teacher and i'm loving it.
I teach many of computer science subjects. This year i have 6 classes of grade 8, 1 class of grade 9, 1 class of grade 11 and 1 class of grade 12. I'm having a lot of work this year but i think this will be a great project! Let's do it guys!